No More Heroes III - Nintendo Switch

No More Heroes III - Nintendo Switch

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In No More Heroes 3, the otaku assassin Travis Touchdown wields his beloved Beam Katana against a host of baddies brimming with attitude in the hopes of rising to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings.

・ Hack and slash your heart out!

Whip together cutthroat combos with the Beam Katana! The action feels even more extreme when you use a Joy-Con to play.

・ Ranking fights are even more chaotic!

Take on the series' classic ranking fights on a galactic level and see what out-of-this-world boss fights are waiting for Travis! Each rank features a host of heinous outer-space superheroes for you to slice and dice.

・ Explore the open world of Santa Destroy!

Return to the series' familiar setting - now with four new locations! Rev up Travis's motorbike, Demzamtiger, to explore the various areas of Santa Destroy and take on missions oozing with slick charm. While you're at it, you can also save up the cash you'll need to challenge Ranking Battles!

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