NightCaster: Defeat The Darkness - Original Xbox

NightCaster: Defeat The Darkness - Original Xbox

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NightCaster is a third-person, single-player action-adventure game featuring intense spell combat and exploration. Players take the role of Arran, a novice wizard whose magical power grows as he ages throughout his quest to collect spells and rid the world of eternal night. The game features more than 40 spectacular 3-D spells from four different schools of magic: Light, Dark, Fire, and Water. Players can choose at any time between brute force and crafty tactics. 

Players will experience Arran's evolution from young novice to powerful elder mage. As Arran ages, he acquires new spells, growing ever more powerful.  Players can interact with friends and other non-player characters as the story takes them across the land. Triumphs will result in permanent changes to the game world.

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