Rugrats - Royal Ransom - Gamecube

Rugrats - Royal Ransom - Gamecube

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The Rugrats embark on a magical adventure to the Play Palace 3000. As the kids all take turns climbing up to the Play Palace, they soon find that something's not quite right. Every time they climb higher, the Palace moves further out of their reach. Angelica, the self-appointed Queen, has dubbed the rest of the Rugrats her loyal subjects who will need to obey her commands. As the Rugrats refuse Queen Angelica's demands, they each find their most treasured items haven fallen in her possession. Tommy and company will face mysterious knights, capture rowdy monkeys, race crocodiles down twisting rivers, tame wild dinosaurs, and much more on their way to reclaim their most prized possessions, so they too can play in the Play Palace. Rugrats Royal Ransom is a series of several mini-games and platforming levels. These are based off different "worlds" or "levels" within the Play Palace. You'll come across jungle, desert, snow and medieval worlds on your journey through the game.

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