NHL 10 - Xbox 360

NHL 10 - Xbox 360

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NHL 10 is the 19th edition in the Electronic Arts' long-running ice-hockey series. It is the first not released on the PC. This version features boardwork, a few tinkers to the control system and improved crowd realism. Other improvements include general physics and animation refinement.

There is a new first-person fighting engine where opponents can also be grabbed by the jersey. The puck can be kicked with the feet or be shielded with the body, along with the option to rough up smaller players. Intimidating the puck carriers can lead to turnovers and gaffes. Certain actions can now also be performed or finished after the referee blows the whistle.

In the Be A GM Mode players can act as a manager and build a career by drafting, signing and trading players. The Stanley Cup can also be won, through the Battle for the Cup Mode, with two teams and a 1, 3, 5 or 7 game elimination round.

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