NFL Blitz Pro - Playstation 2

NFL Blitz Pro - Playstation 2

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NFL Blitz Pro is the 2003 entry in Midway's arcade football series. Like NHL Hitz Pro however, this entry moves away from its arcade roots toward more of a simulation style, while still retaining some arcade flavor in that there are no penalties or injuries and players can "catch on fire". The main changes to the predecessors are full 11-on-11 teams, standard 10 yard downs and more support for running plays.

Game modes include Quick Play and Exhibition, a full Season, a 10-season Franchise and 4- or 8-player tournaments. There also is a create-a-player feature. While there are no hot routes and audibles are limited to a pre-determined set of four, the Impact Player feature allows control of one specific player who can make last-minute adjustments. Only the PlayStation 2 version includes an online mode for multiplayer games and roster updates.

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