New 2DS XL Grip Handle Grip with Stand

New 2DS XL Grip Handle Grip with Stand

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Only perfect fit for New 2DS XL (NOT for New 3DS XL). More comfortable ande easy to hold the console itself is thin, making it hard to hold, especially when you need to pull do anything more than basic left/right/up/down button presses. It works really well for non-stylus-based games where you need to hold it like a controller. Fold-out Stand - You can set it down on the table and use stylus-based games too.It is at the perfect angle for viewing & playing. It makes the system much more ergonomic and less painful to hold for extended periods of time. No more hand cramps for you! Access to the headphone jack - It does not cover the headphone jack so you can use this on a plane and a public place. Easily insert and remove - Easily place and remove. Attention: This grip cover the game cartridge slot, so you need to remove it when you want to change games.

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