NCAA GameBreaker 2004 - Playstation 2

NCAA GameBreaker 2004 - Playstation 2

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NCAA GameBreaker 2004 is a college football game that includes 117 Division I-A teams plus an additional 66 classic teams.

Modes include Scrimmage, Bowl Season, Tournament Season, Career Mode, Tournament Mode, Practice Mode, and Athletic Department. Scrimmage is an exhibition game between two teams. Bowl Season and Tournament Season let the player play a regular season and if their team is good enough for the post season, they can then participate in a bowl game or a tournament playoff, depending on the mode respectively. Career Mode lets the player take on the role of a coach. The goal is to have a good season at a small school, in hopes of either getting promoted or getting a job offer from a bigger school. Tournament Mode lets the player compete in a tournament right from the start. Practice Mode lets the player hone their skills. The Athletic Department mode allows the player to view rosters, recruit players, and create walk-on players.

The game offers a style setting that let's the player choose whether to play simulation or arcade style, with the arcade style making the gameplay faster and giving the players on the field more exaggerated moves.

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