NCAA Football 14 - Xbox 360

NCAA Football 14 - Xbox 360

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NCAA Football 14 is the sequel to NCAA Football 13 and the final game in the NCAA Football series. As with the previous games it focuses on college football teams. This edition uses the improved infinity engine for physics and collisions introduced in the contemporary Madden NFL 25, along with technology called force impact system to determine the outcome of collisions. The running has been improved to make sharper, more accurate cuts possible, along with quick combos and jukes to foil the defenses.

This edition contains the Dynasty game mode where a team needs to be managed over multiple seasons. Changes to the game mode include the removal of phone calls and pitches for recruiting. Instead, it focuses on assigning points. Every action performed as a coach is rewarded with experience. It can be used to improve a team by investing in various skill trees.

New to this edition is the Nike Skills Trainer where various aspects for running, passing, defense and pre-play can be practiced. Presented in different situations, it includes tutorials and drills to master techniques. Completing them is rewarded with medals used for the Ultimate Team mode where players are unlocked by getting their trading card. This mode is online only, even when completing AI challenges. This edition also includes Road to Glory where a custom high school prospect is designed and then taken through college with various challenges rewarded with experience to invest and impress coaches.

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