NBA 2K11 - Playstation Portable (PSP)

NBA 2K11 - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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This release in 2K Sports' long-running NBA 2K basketball series touts Michael Jordan as the cover athlete, and builds a number of challenges around his career. This is in addition to a series of improvements to game modes like My Player and The Association, as well as a new dribbling and animation mechanic.

Jordan's involvement is maximized from the start, with four modes based around Jordan's career. The "Jordan Challenge" has the player control Michael in ten highlight games through his career. The player must successfully recreate Jordan's real-life performance in the virtual scenario. In Quick Game mode, players can select eight different years of Jordan-led Chicago Bulls squads, and pit them against current-day rosters. Players can control a rookie Jordan in "MJ: Create a Legend" mode, and guide him through a modern-day career in the NBA. Finally, players are awarded pairs of Air Jordans for in-game achievements. Players are encouraged to collect all the Air Jordans Michael wore through his career, and each gives a stat bonus when equipped by the player's character.

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