NBA 07 - Playstation 3

NBA 07 - Playstation 3

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NBA 07 is the second game in the NBA: Featuring the Life series, and one of the launch games of the PlayStation 3. In addition to the traditional Season Mode, featuring all current NBA teams and players, there is an "NBA Replay" mode, which allows players to replay highlights from the 2006 season. Also featured is "Games of the Week" where users can relay highlights from the current 2007 season by downloading new games on a weekly basis.

The game is notable for being the first first true 1080p/60Hz title, rendering in full HD (1920x1080) resolution. It also supports the rotational orientation and translational acceleration of the Sixaxis controller to perform moves. Up to four players can join a single game, and up to two when played online. Kobe Bryant is the cover star of this title.

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