NASCAR: Unleashed - Nintendo 3DS

NASCAR: Unleashed - Nintendo 3DS

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NASCAR: Unleashed is a racing game based on the US stock car racing sports event. Rather than a true simulation, it espouses realistic control, driving, and physics for much more hectic and over-the-top arcade racing, complete with many typical arcade racing features such as boosting and drifting, and the like. It has several features from both simulator-style racing games (e.g. NASCAR 09) and from arcade racing games (such as Burnout). Authentic NASCAR tracks are present in the game, but most "break out" from the track and into the surrounding city area, hence the "Unleashed" aspect. Pit lanes remain and are important for vehicle repairs and obtaining Slingshot boosts. A 15-driver "All-Stars" list of NASCAR drivers and their cars is present in the game, though all control identically. Drafting (lowering air resistance, and increasing speed by driving behind other cars) is also present.

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