NASCAR Racing - Playstation 1

NASCAR Racing - Playstation 1

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Sierra and Papyrus bring over their NASCAR series to the Playstation.

The game presents three different game modes: Arcade Race, Simulation Race, and Simulation Testing. While the Arcade Race mode let's the player jump right into the fray after choosing their difficulty level (either rookie,veteran, or ace), the Simulation Race mode features a lot more customization options for the player to take into consideration.

Simulation Race mode lets the player tweak their vehicles fuel usage, cross weights, tire pressure, the alignment of the camber and stagger of the wheels, the aerodynamics (air dam and spoiler), the shocks, and the gear ratios. The game also offers a Simulation Testing mode to let the player test these settings on the race track without the interference of other drivers.

Both Arcade and Simulation Race modes let the player compete in a full 31-race championship season. After each race, players earn points depending on which position they placed in, which then affects their place in the season standings.

The game features 16 licensed NASCAR tracks such as the Red Rock Raceway and the Bull Run Raceway. 3 of these tracks also have a nighttime version. There is also 2 fantasy tracks available to race on. The game also features 20 real NASCAR drivers from the 1996 season, and their respective car details.

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