MySims: Party - Nintendo DS

MySims: Party - Nintendo DS

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MySims Party begins with the player moving into a run-down town with the mayor desperate for more people back in the town. You can customize your character and their outfit at the beginning of the game, or play as a MySims character. Your job is to enter festivals to bring the town back to life and get more people to live in the town. There are 51 different minigames to play in the Wii version, and 40 in the DS version, each hosted by a different Sim. As you play more festivals, you unlock more people, monuments, and outfits for you and your town. As more people move in, your town will expand to become larger. Unlike most Sims games, your Sim does not have any needs or wants, and sleeping is even optional. There is also a free play mode where you can play with your friends.

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