My Sims Sky Heroes - Playstation 3

My Sims Sky Heroes - Playstation 3

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MySims SkyHeroes is the first and only aviation game in the series. There are many different modes, including a solo campaign, boss battles, local co-op, and online multiplayer. There is also a plane editor where you can customize and upgrade the plane. You can battle and race your friends locally, or play online, which as of 2016 has been taken down. Users have a game profile where they can use saved avatars and planes. Like in most other MySims games, the game begins with character customization, where you can change your character's look and name.

The player starts out as an unknown pilot, who must stop the evil Morcubus and his drones once again from taking over the sky ways. The player will have to team up with other MySims to defeat Morcubus. The player must accomplish tasks like races and boss battles to defeat Morcubus and his drones.

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