My Little Pony: Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow - Game Boy Advance

My Little Pony: Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow - Game Boy Advance

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My Little Pony: Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow is a game in the My Little Pony franchise based on the 2006 direct-to-video animated film of the same name. In Rarity's Adventure, the main game mode, Cheerilee teaches the young unicorn pony Rarity in the magical city Unicornia how to make a rainbow. In celebration of the first rainbow of the season. Rarity will become the rainbow princess and she needs to learn how to use her magical wand to create it.

Rarity can freely move around the city and talk to other pones. She plays mini-games and gets to help them in various ways. She can play with a caterpillar, participate in a bubble fight to clean a carriage, do a game of 'Simon Says' with her wand, collect rainbow ribbons and flags and colour drawings. At the end of the first chapter she accidentally uses the wand in a wrong way and ends up in a new location called Breezie Blossom. Rarity has to perform similar tasks again for her there, such as locating characters, collecting pairs of pajamas, locate hidden breezies in a game of 'Whac-A-Mole' and catch rainbowberries.


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