My Horse & Me - Nintendo DS

My Horse & Me - Nintendo DS

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To own a horse that is the dream of young people around the world. Now Atari & the Nintendo family brings you My Horse & Me. Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual pets where riding, training and the caretaking experience is captured right at your finger tips. No matter what age you are, you can have your very own horse with Atari’s My Horse & Me.

Almost every girl at some point in their life, dreams of riding or owning a horse. They share a special friendship that is nurtured through riding, training and caretaking. This unique horse experience is now captured in My Horse and Me. My Horse and Me is the most complete and most realistic horse experience simulation on NDS & Wii.

This is the only horse game with the official FEI license and to offer official tracks and official leagues (including some bonus cinematics) in game. As the rider, you will have the ability to manage every aspect of you day, from feeding and grooming your horse to managing the stable. You can take part in full tournaments or in mini-games; playing in first or third person view. With multiplayer, share the experience with your friends! 

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