MVP 07: NCAA Baseball - Playstation 2

MVP 07: NCAA Baseball - Playstation 2

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MVP 07: NCAA Baseball is based on the baseball season of that year. There is a variety of modes to choose from: exhibition, dynasty mode, mini-games, tournament, online play, coach mode, and a scenario editor. Like many other college sports games of its time, you are put into a school of your choice, and you must play the games, manage your roster, and recruit new players. Due to licensing issues, certain teams and stadiums are not available, but you still have many to choose from. In this game, you can use the new "rock and fire" pitch, which involves rotating the left analog stick. Batting is mainly controlled with the right analog stick. You can also use the traditional controls seen in most MLB baseball games by EA. The scenario editor allows you to put your baseball team into many situations to practice strategies. The mini-games and in-game tutorial videos help you learn the strategies on both offense and defense. Mike Patrick and Kyle Peterson are back as the commentators from the last installment, and give you the play-by-play for each game.

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