Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park - Nintendo 3DS

Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park - Nintendo 3DS

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After the events of Moshi Monsters: Moshling ZooBuster Bumblechops is looking after his Zoo now that you have (hopefully) found all of his Moshlings for him. After exclaiming "Yikes! looking after this zoo is goopendousley tiring!", he gathers the Monsters around and examines a tourist board for the "legendary" Moshling Theme Park. The Monsters supposedly agree and consult Dewy, who is now a pilot. Dewy flies the plane over to the Theme Park when something goes terribly wrong. There's a storm. Dewy yells "We're going down!" before you are taken into a minigame where you fly Dewy's plane for him. It is impossible to win, so it's best to try to lose. The plane crashes and all of the Moshlings have parachutes, safely landing down. Everyone's okay but Dewy is seen in the plane in the background with it still on fire. He's smiling. Everyone lands (and Dewy) but all in different places. The Monsters all land together and examine the theme park. The so-called legendary Moshlings Theme Park is now a dump, abandoned. The Monsters make it their objective to fix up the theme park, saving all the Moshlings in the process, and regain population to the park. Buster phones the Monsters, explaining he's stuck somewhere and needs help.

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