Monster Truck Rally - Nintendo NES

Monster Truck Rally - Nintendo NES

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Take the wheel of a monster truck through nine different events at a time or choose the rally and go through all of them. The nine events are hill climb, drag race, bog, car crush, tug-o-war, sled pull, draw bridge, donuts and the combo course.

In the hill climb, players race on a track comprised mainly of steep hills. The drag race event offers drag racing down a long straight way. The bog event is a race on a track with numerous watery bogs throughout its path. In the car crush event, the player races up and down straight roadways, driving over rows of cars that are lined up for the monster truck to crush. In the tug-o-war competition, the player's truck and the one of the opponent are tied together, facing opposite directions, and the player has to tug the other across the line that is on your own side behind hum. The sled pull has the player drive along a straight path while pulling a weighted sled. While progressing, more weight is added, slowing the truck down. The draw bridge course features drawbridges that go up and down. If the bridge is down, the truck can pass, if it is up, the player has to wait until it comes back down to continue. Donut features races around a small donut-shaped track against an opponent.

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