Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II - Playstation 1

Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II - Playstation 1

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Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II is the sequel to Monster Rancher Battle Card GB. But it takes advantage of the PlayStation's superiority in graphics and processing power and adds more complex storyline quests, and expands the card game itself. No knowledge of other Monster Rancher games is needed, however, characters from prior games do play pivotal roles in the storyline.

For the first time, players can see into the personal lives of the characters in the Monster Rancher world, and interact with them while attempting to win matches of the collectible card game, to collect enough cards to complete quests. Along the way, the player is able to visit various locales and meet up with old friends and new acquaintances.

The card game itself features a tutorial mode, on screen help, and the option to turn animations on or off. It is easy enough at low levels for almost anyone to learn the basics, but offers options and higher levels of complexity to reward more patient, and older players.

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