Monster Rancher Advance 2 - Game Boy Advance

Monster Rancher Advance 2 - Game Boy Advance

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Monster Rancher Advance 2 is a monster raising sim where players can raise, battle, explore with any of 512 monsters. While it is the second Monster Rancher game on the Game Boy Advance system, it is not a true sequel, and does not require any knowledge of any other ranching games to play.

Players make monsters by entering letters, numbers, and punctuation characters into the in-game shrine. At the start, players have access to up to 4 spaces to enter words or characters. As they improve their rank as a trainer, they can access more spaces, up to a maximum of 8. Players may also bring monsters into the game from their Monster Rancher Advance game, or trade monsters with other Monster Rancher Advance 2 players through use of a second GBA and a link cable.

Players then raise their monster, deciding what foods to feed them, what drills to teach attributes at, what items to give them, what attacks to add in training, and which characteristics to add or remove at the Hospital. Monsters may become hurt or ill, and can be treated for a fee at the Hospital which also offers free checkups. Players start with a modest sum of money, and earn more by winning in-game tournaments, or by finding valuable items to sell on expeditions.


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