Monster Garage - Original Xbox

Monster Garage - Original Xbox

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Based on the TV show, this game takes various shows and lets you make the vehicle that was made on the shows. For those who do not know the TV show, it works like this...

Jesse and his team are to build a creation that will do a certain task within 7 days and by spending under $3000 and the vehicle must look stock when completed.

So this game gives you the task of building a vehicle that does something such as drive through a swamp by floating on the water and using a large fan to make you move.

In day one, you must design the vehicle. In the early scenarios, you only have one pre-made design to choose from. In later scenarios, you can choose from three pre-made designs.

Days two through six are devoted to constructing the vehicle. You can buy various parts for the vehicle, but most parts will need to be fabricated. To do this, you will need to purchase raw materials such as sheets of metal or metal rods and assign the task of making something like a roll cage to one of the team members. They will make the item within a certain period of time while you handle other things.

Things you need to do include removing parts from the vehicle or attaching parts to the vehicle as needed, and welding items to the vehicle or cutting items off the vehicle. Every weld and cut is already set up for you and you just follow the line indicated. Bolts are unscrewed or screwed on as needed.

By day seven, your vehicle will have to have been completed, or you will need to try again. Day seven is used only to update the look of your vehicle. This includes adding certain custom parts such as gold plated rims, painting the vehicle, and applying decals.

Once you are ready, you will take your vehicle to test it out and see if it works. If you made it to day seven without being required to start over, your vehicle will work. This is really just a test where you must complete a track in a certain amount of time. For example, in one mission, you will have to make it around a snow-covered track in your upgraded car that has snowmobile tracks added to help with tracking within a certain amount of time. You get as many tries as you need to complete this. Once done, you can move on to the next mission.

The challenges of this game are to stay under the $3000 when buying/selling parts and to complete the track at the end.

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