MLB Slugfest 2006 - Playstation 2

MLB Slugfest 2006 - Playstation 2

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Slugfest 2006 continues the franchise's special brand of arcade style baseball with a mix of old and new features. All of the basic over-the-top gameplay, such as hard collisions, turbo power pitching and batting, and on-fire unlimited turbo remain intact. Also returning this year are commentators Jim Shorts and Tim Kitzrow.

Gameplay modes include Create-A-Player, Create-A-Team, Season Mode, Challenge Mode, Playoffs, and Home Run Derby. Other new features include fighting game style special pitches in which you input a special sequence of button presses to unleash wild and hard to hit throws. Stadiums and uniforms have been updated for the 2006 season, and the rosters are current as of February.

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