Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Xbox One

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Xbox One

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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is a re-imagining of the 2008 game Mirror's Edge. It takes place in a futuristic location known as the City of Glass. The dystopian city is ruled by a Conglomerate that has turned the citizens into mindless slaves pursuing status and wealth. Faith Connors, the same protagonist of the first game, is one of the people who lives off the Grid, the large networking system that connects (and spies on) everyone and everything. She works as a runner who roam the rooftops of the city as couriers as well as burglars. They have been tolerated by the Conglomerate and their K-Sec security forces for a few decades, but that soon changes early in the game. It starts at the moment Faith is released from prison and returns to her runner friends, but flashbacks also reveal her past, what happened to her family and how she became involved with different people. Why she was is prison is soon explained and she needs to repay a debt to the crime boss Dogen. During a K-Sec headquarters heist she ignores orders and steals a hard drive that overthrows the fragile equilibrium that was in place, and soon K-Sec cracks down hard on the runners, attempting to reclaim the hard drive. With the help of runners, the militant organization Black November and other characters, she soon learns of a sinister project called Reflection, which threatens to change Glass and its citizens entirely, unless Faith can stop it.

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