Minute to Win It - Nintendo DS

Minute to Win It - Nintendo DS

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The game show Minute to Win It challenges contestants to complete unusual tasks using common items within 60 seconds. For example, bounce 7 pencils into cups using the eraser end. After each challenge, the contestant can either take their winnings and go home, or risk it all on the next challenge. Thankfully, they have three "lives", so the first failure won't doom them. Complete 10 challenges, and they leave with one million dollars. Fail, and they go home with the last milestone amount reached.

The DS version features 36 challenges, using the controls, stylus, and microphone. While you can play through a regular show, (ten episodes are included) you can also practice challenges, (only ones you've seen already) or go through a Time Trial to beat your score on one of three difficulty levels. The only milestone included is at $50,000. (Later seasons of the show added milestones at $1,000, $250,000, and $500,000.) You can use the winnings to purchase new outfits for your character. A 2-player multiplayer mode is also included. Each player selects 5 challenges; the first player to complete each challenge wins the challenge.

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