Minority Report: Everybody Runs  - Game Boy Advance

Minority Report: Everybody Runs - Game Boy Advance

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Minority Report on the Game Boy Advance is based on the 2002 Spielberg/Cruise film. In the near future, murders have become rare. The Precrime division of the police, employing future visions of mutated humans called Precogs, can predict when and where a homicide will take place, and arrest the perpetrator before the crime is committed. Precrime officer John Anderton is one of the best at his job, but finds himself on the run when the Precogs predict him murdering a man he doesn't even know. The game follows the film only in its most basic aspects, with almost no characters from the film except Anderton himself appearing, and the storyline moving along an entirely different path. Comic-style images illustrate the story between levels.

The player controls Anderton through ten side-scrolling levels displayed in a pseudo-3D view. The first few involve him trying to arrest criminals, later ones find him hunted by his own colleagues. In both cases, he must shoot down hordes of enemies (with non-lethal weapons) to progress toward a boss enemy. Shooting involves cycling through available targets via the shoulder buttons, taking care not to target any innocent civilians - hitting them costs one life. Anderton can take cover by dashing into obstacles, enabling him to pick off his targets from relative safety. Six different weapons become available during the game - from a simple pistol with unlimited ammo to more advanced automatic weapons and grenade launchers. There are also hand grenades and, if all else fails, melee attacks. Health and ammo refills as well as bonus lives are available as pickups.


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