Minecraft: Xbox One Edition - Xbox One

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition - Xbox One

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This game is an updated version of the classic Minecraft, for Xbox One and PS4. The core concept is identical. Set in a block world and played from a first-person perspective, players are free to explore, kill, craft and build. It is either played in the creative mode, with no dangers or limitations, or in the survival mode where enemies come out and can kill you and your creations. This version of the game supports worlds (usually randomly generated) that are much larger than the previous console versions.

There is a tutorial island where the basics can be practiced and pop-ins also appear with helpful explanations. The game supports split-screen for two or four players, and online games to up to eight. When creating a game it is possible to make it available online, or invite only. For both platforms there is a large amount of DLC with skin and texture packs.

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