Minecraft: Story Mode - Playstation 4

Minecraft: Story Mode - Playstation 4

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Minecraft: Story Mode is a five-part adventure series based on the sandbox building and exploration game Minecraft. Typical for Telltale games, it is a cinematic adventure where the story is driven through the player's choices. Decisions are carried over and influence characters and events. The game uses the original title's block design and introduces a story for the game world as there was none for the original title. At the start of the game the player can choose between six characters, three male and three female, with different appearances. It consists of five episodes released gradually over time:

The character Jesse (either male or female) is the protagonist. His friends are Olivia and Axel, along with Jesse's pet pig Reuben. Axel brings the news of the Endercon where there will be a building competition with a chance for the winner to meet Gabriel, one of the heroes of The Order of the Stone. Over the course of the five episodes the story centers around the legacy of the heroes of The Order of the Stone as Jesse and his friends end up in many difficult situations. At the end of each episode an overview of the choices is shown, compared to those of players worldwide.

As the story unfolds, there are different moments where the characters is offered different choices for actions or conversations. These are time limited and if none is chosen, the 'silence' option is selected automatically, which also counts as a decision. Choices are remembered by characters, with a notice for the player, and influence how they will react in the future. Unlike other Telltale titles however, the tone is lighter and less mature, and many choices do not have the strong emotional impact other games by the developer are known for. There are many humorous moments and references to typical Minecraft elements. Next to the cut-scene-like gameplay there are moments with free exploration. Jesse then can freely explore the environment, collect items in an inventory and solve small puzzles. There are quick time events and also action sections where he fights mobs. He can move between a number of lanes, strike and has a limited amount of health. There are also sections where Jesse gets to create a new items and weapons by arranging various items in a way according to a recipe similar to how it is done in the original Minecraft.

This game entry only covers the platforms where the entire season of five episodes is available as a single purchase. For PC this is the only option, while other platforms offer the entire season, or just the first episode with additional ones as single items or episode packs as DLC or in-app purchases. Along with the release of the fifth episode, three additional episodes were announced. They are not included in this version of the game, but need to be bought separately as the DLC bundle Minecraft: Story Mode - Adventure Pass.

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