Mind Strike - Intellivision

Mind Strike - Intellivision

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What a romp! A mind jolter that can be played slow, using alternating turns, or fast, with both players simultaneously hooked to the ultimate goal of conquering each other's CASTLE! Playing it slow, it's called "Mind Strike" and requires quite a bit of strategic thinking. Playing it fast, it's called "Speed Strike" and it's a dazzler that blends action with strategy!

Choose up to 50 playing boards or design your own. Program the computer opponent's skill level (to your or his advantage). Engage in tantalizing confrontations! Combine your pieces for greater strength or split them apart to move farther! Make it as wild or absorbing as your mind allows it to be!

  • 2 exciting games! Play against Max, the computer, or against a human friend. Or watch Max take on Gus, another computer player!
  • Simple rules that allow easy-to-complex clashes of the mind...and nerves!
  • Direct screen access to program your computer!
  • Superior visual/sound effects!

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