Menacer 6-Game Cartridge w/ Light Gun Bundle - Sega Genesis

Menacer 6-Game Cartridge w/ Light Gun Bundle - Sega Genesis

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Menacer 6-Game Cartridge was released as a pack-in cartridge for the Menacer light gun. It is a compilation of six games:

  • Pest Control: in this game the player has to defend a pizza from the attack of assorted bugs. 
  • Space Station Defender: the player has to shoot aliens inside pods which appear on the screen in a given sequence and in specific positions. 
  • Ready, Aim, Tomatoes!: this game is set in Toejam & Earl's universe. As the screen scrolls right, Toejam has to shoot tomatoes at enemies such as the Cupid, the Dentist, the Boogie Man, the little Devil and so on. 
  • Whack Ball: this is some sort of a Breakout game. The player controls a paddle and has to bounce a ball against a frame of blocks. 
  • Front Line: in this game the player has to shoot tanks, trucks, planes and helicopters before they shoot back. 
  • Rockman's Zone: in this game the player has to shoot cardboard pictures of bandits while avoiding shooting pictures of women, children and policemen. Bonus points are given for acurracy.

In the shooting games the player can choose to have the Accu-Sight on or off. If it is on, a crosshair will be displayed. If it's off, the player can also choose to use the Menacer's Binocular Module. Includes Menacer Light Gun with scope and infrared sensor!


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