Men in Black 2: The Series - Game Boy Color

Men in Black 2: The Series - Game Boy Color

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Evil aliens, agent clones and monstrous bosses; just another day in the life of the MIBs. This sequel to the 1998 platform game, based on the 1997 film and subsequent cartoon series, pits the player, as either veteran agent K or his rookie partner J, against a horde of alien monsters threatening New York City and, by extension, the Earth.

The player's mission will take him or her through eight different levels, ranging from a hijacked aircraft, the forest, a laboratory, MIB headquarters, an MIB safehouse, a rocket silo, Manhattan and even the Statue of Liberty. In each level, the player has to collect four pairs of MIB sunglasses before moving on.

The arsenal of weaponry ranges from your standard-issue J2 blaster, rocket launchers and grenade launchers to freeze rays, homing missiles and the almighty Noisy Cricket. There are various items as well, including chemical protection suits, snowshoes, invisibility suits, and smart cards to gain access to new areas. Health packs and 1-ups are also scattered around.

With this much at your disposal, the scum of the universe doesn't stand a chance.


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