McFarlane's: Evil Prophecy - Playstation 2

McFarlane's: Evil Prophecy - Playstation 2

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It is the 19th century. Zombies are suddenly rising from their graves, monsters start appearing and create endless chaos around the world. To combat the apocalypse, a brilliant doctor sends out a warrior, pirate and gunslinger to quell the menace and send these monsters back to where they belong.

McFarlane's Evil Prophecy is an action beat 'em up with horror and supernatural elements, and in some ways, can be described as Dynasty Warriors meets Resident Evil. Players use a variety of weapons, magical powers and melee combat moves across several levels. Boss fights largely consist of famous horror monsters, such as Frankenstein, the Mummy, Werewolf and Dracula, just to name a few. Players can also unlock new weapons and play up with four players.

Many of the game's art assets and characters are created by comic book artist Todd McFarlane, hence the title. Players can unlock an art gallery and interviews with McFarlane as bonus features.

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