Masters Of The Universe: The Power Of He-Man - Intellivision

Masters Of The Universe: The Power Of He-Man - Intellivision

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In Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man, control He-Man as he battles Skeletor in two different types of arcade action scenes.

In the first part of the game, the He-Man controls the Wind Raider flying towards Castle Grayskull. The Wind Raider has a limited amount of fuel to reach the intended destination. Additionally, numerous fireballs will be flying around the screen trying to stop the Wind Raider, with Skeletor running along on the ground. The Wind Raider is equipped with bombs and guns which can be used to defend He-Man from the fireballs, while also earning bonus points if Skeletor is hit.

The second part of the game takes place on foot. When the He-Man lands near the castle, he needs to pursue Skeletor. Skeletor will be firing numerous lightning bolts which can be blocked with a shield. There is a time limit here and the He-Man must get past all of the screens and catch Skeletor before time runs out. If the player is successful, the game will repeat at a tougher skill level.

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