Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall - Playstation 1

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall - Playstation 1

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In Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall, the Olsen's favorite mall has been frozen in time. They must collect all the missing gems to end the spell or they'll never be able to leave. It is essentially a collection of minigames with the mall serving as a hub. There's an information booth which teaches how to play and get to the various games, then there are the stores with the games.

There is a fashion show segment, where you must first pick the number of outfits to model, which twin goes first, then all the pieces of each outfit. There are four pieces you can choose independently: hair, shirt, skirt/pants and shoes. For each part, you can choose color and style separately, making for a lot of possible outfits. Next, they model them on a runway. You must take a good picture of the outfit, which means proper camera position and zoom and catching them as they do a pose. You get points for each picture, which as used to earn a gem.

There is also a Lizzie's Lunch segment which has the girls working in a fast food court on roller skates. As either Mary-Kate or Ashley, you must take customer orders, then bring them their food before they get impatient. You earn money for each customer served and go through multiple rounds trying to get the minimum amount of money before time runs out. if you can earn $100 before the end of round five, you get another gem.

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