Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Playstation 5

Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Playstation 5

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the second game in the PlayStation exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man series, following Marvel's Spider-Man (2018). It is centered around Miles Morales, a fictional comic book superhero who becomes Spider-Man as a Black teenager of Puerto Rican ancestry on his mother's side, following the death of Peter Parker. The game handles it differently compared to the original storyline in the comic books, continuing the narrative of the first game (and especially the DLC The City That Never Sleeps) where Miles Morales is bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider and gained powers similar to Peter Parker's. Miles trains under Parker and is still integrating in the role of a Spider-Man. In the game Parker does not die, but leaves to join his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson to cover a civil war, leaving Miles as the only webslinger in New York. The story focuses on the campaign of his mother Rio Morales, and the defense of his home neighborhood in Harlem and New York City against a high-tech criminal army called the Underground and Roxxon Energy Corporation who are in a gang war.

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