Mark Davis' The Fishing Master - Super Nintendo

Mark Davis' The Fishing Master - Super Nintendo

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In Mark Davis' The Fishing Master, the player can take control of fishing legend Mark Davis and fish in five different lakes and even compete in a fishing tournament to win a trophy.

The gameplay is reminiscent of Super Black Bass. The player picks a location to fish using an overhead map where the player is then taken to a behind the person perspective to cast their reel. Once the player casts their line, the view will change to a split screen with the original view on the top with a underwater view on the bottom to view the bait and an approaching fish.

Each lake has a different criteria to meet such as a weight limit, time limit, etc., to advance to the next lake and ultimately compete in the major tournament. Players can also assemble their own set of authentic fishing gear including rods, reels, bait and various equipment. The game also boasts that the fish in the game act realistically to their real-life counterparts.

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