Margot's Word Brain - Nintendo DS

Margot's Word Brain - Nintendo DS

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Margot's Word Brain consists of six different word games (five in the iPhone version) that can be played on their own or as part of the ultimate Word Brain Challenge where the games are all played in sequence. In all of the games the player has to select letters to create words and all of them are timed. The games are as follows: * Word Link: The player is presented with a grid of letters and has 90 seconds to find as many three, four, five and six letter words as possible from connected letters. As words are created the letters are removed from the grid and others fall down in their place. * Word Mine: The player is presented with six jumbled up letters and has to make as many words out of those as possible. * Hyper Txt: The player is presented with words that has to be spelled with a mobile phone pad as fast as possible. * Word Run: The player competes against an AI opponent and has to place as many words as possible on a 6x6 grid. It's similar to Scrabble but the player can use any letters and the words does not have to be connected. * Word Safe: Similar to Word Link but here the letters make out two wheels that can be rotated to enable more word connections. * Word Search: The player is briefly shown three six letter words and then has 20 seconds to find them on a 6x6 grid.

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