MAG - Playstation 3

MAG - Playstation 3

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The first PlayStation 3 title from Zipper Interactive, MAG is an online-only semi-tactical first-person shooter and the first console game of its kind to support 256 players in a single match.

Set in 2025, MAG reveals a future where the planet’s armies have been minimized because of their enormous maintenance costs. With the world's governments also faced with a global agreement – known as the “Millennium Accord” – that bans a military force from leaving its own soil, nations everywhere have turned to three powerful Private Military Companies (PMCs) to serve as their muscle. However, as the competition for earning contracts increased, a secret conflict broke out between the three organizations. And so, “The Shadow War” rages on with the forces of Raven Industries, Seryi Volk Executive Response (SVER), and Valor Company locked in a bloody and bitter struggle for domination.

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