Madden NFL 10 - Playstation 2

Madden NFL 10 - Playstation 2

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Madden NFL 10 is the tenth iteration of the series on the PlayStation 2. Besides the usual roster updates, it modifies last year's version only slightly, with all previous modes included, and some small changes to gameplay.

Gameplay modes include Play Now, Family Play (with simplified controls), Superstar, Franchise, Fantasy Challenge, Skill Drills, and more. The major gameplay change is the custom control stick: players can assign a large number of moves to the right analog stick, with unique sets for each position. For multiplayer games, an "icing the kicker" mechanic was added: the defending player calls a time out just before the kick and can then increase the kicker's nervousness by button-mashing, causing the offensive player's controller to vibrate. Another new feature is the impact cam, making the camera shake on big hits. Other features can also be found in other versions of the game: a "fight for the fumble" mini-game, hot and cold streaks for players during a game, and newly-recorded commentary from Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond.

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