Madden NFL 07 - Playstation Portable (PSP)

Madden NFL 07 - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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The Madden series returns to the PSP for a second outing with Madden NFL 07. Closely based on the previous year's iteration, it has the usual roster updates, improved loading times, and some new features.

The game adds some of the new control options introduced in the console versions, including the Hit Stick (toggled on the PSP via the triangle button) and Lead Blocker Control. The main game modes are unchanged from the previous year and include "play now" quick games, wi-fi multiplayer, mini-camp and franchise (still without Owner Mode or Storyline Central, but with the exclusive Assistant Coach mode). The PS2 connectivity option now allows to transfer entire franchise seasons between PSP and PS2. A new addition is the mini game "End 2 End". In this mode, the PSP is held vertically. A runner moves towards the end zone and faces a number of tacklers. Upon noticing the direction the tackler is going in, the player must respond by hitting the correct direction button in time to evade. Score is given for quick reaction and multiple evasions in a row. Reaching high scores in this mode unlocks music tracks and hidden teams.

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