M&M's Kart Racing - Nintendo Wii

M&M's Kart Racing - Nintendo Wii

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This is a straightforward racing game controlling the famous candy coated chocolate pieces in karts. There are four game modes: Quick Race, Training, Arcade and Tournament. There are different karts and courses to choose from, and some of them have to be unlocked in the Tournament mode first. Karts' statistics are based on speed, acceleration, handling and stability. While racing players earn points by finishing first, performing stunts and collecting coins and chocolate chips. These can be exchanged in the garage to upgrade the vehicle or buy a new kart.

There are fifteen courses in total. Controlling the karts is done through the Wii remote (acceleration, brake, movement). Raising the remote lets the karts jump and doing it twice, quickly, leads to a double jump or a two-wheel stunt drive on ramps. Spinning the Wii remote at the start allows for a turbo start. The game can be played in split-screen multiplayer in two modes: Quick Race (one lap) and Full Throttle (three laps).

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