Lucha Libre Heroes Del Ring - Xbox 360

Lucha Libre Heroes Del Ring - Xbox 360

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Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes Del Ring is a wrestling game based on the Mexican AAA license. Typical elements of the Lucha Libre wrestling style are colourful masks, rapid maneuvers and many high-flying moves. The Luchadores (wrestlers) can pull off different kinds of moves including holds, submissions and pins. In the top corners the status of the wrestlers is shown. When hit, the targeted body part is highlighted and a score is awarded. Targeting the same area repeatedly makes a wrestler weaker. Taunts and moves fill up a series of stars. Once full the wrestler is able to executive a finisher by pushing both triggers at the same time. When pinned down a button needs to be pressed rapidly to break it. The face buttons are used to strike and the shoulder buttons provide grapples. There are different types of attack (weak, strong, kick), block/counter, the ability to run, recovery, and two types of grapple.

The game can be played at different venues and supports multiplayer both offline and online. There is no tag team system however, but players can go one-on-one or against up to four opponents. The environment is not used to provide alternative ways of fighting. There are however some weapons on the ground, such as a chair and a light bulb. In the story mode a faction and a specific wrestler can be chosen. Wrestlers can be customized based on body build, skin colour, face, hair, mask style, and wardrobe. There is a tutorial and cut-scenes that explain the culture behind it.

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