Lost Planet 3 - Xbox 360

Lost Planet 3 - Xbox 360

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Lost Planet 3 is a prequel to the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition game, which follows the story of Jim Peyton. Energy consumption crisis on Earth has caused to look for other resources, and NEVEC launched an expedition to the ice-cold frozen wastes of a planet called E.D.N. III to mine what seemed to be a unique type of resource in the known universe. Jim is part of that expedition, and while it pains him to have to be separated from his wife and new-born child for over a year in contract, it pays well and he will be able to provide for his family back home by assisting in mining the resource known as thermal energy.

But, Jim's job extends to that of mining as E.D.N. III is anything but a friendly planet. When not mining and tending to repairs, he earns his pay by fighting various Akrid species, an indigenous life-forms that are swarming this barren place. One day, while diligently performing his duties, he will stumble on an old abandoned NEVEC base and ultimately find himself on the brink of death while fighting Akrids, only to be saved by unknown inhabitants of this planet. Was NEVEC already on this planet? What happened to the people of the "real" first expedition? And why was it kept secret? And who saved his life? The questions in Jim's head won't let him rest until he finds the truth behind it all and lead the plot toward the events that transpired in the original game.

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