Lost Luggage - Atari 2600

Lost Luggage - Atari 2600

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You are at the airport attempting to collect your luggage from the carousel. However, the carousel has gone out of control and is tossing luggage everywhere! You need to catch all of the luggage that is tossed out, or all of your clothes will be scattered around the airport. As the levels progress, more and more luggage will need to be caught, and the games speed increases. There are two difficulty levels available; the easier mode gives you two men to catch luggage with, and the harder mode gives you only one man. Several other game variations are also available: if the terrorist suitcase option is enabled, explosive suitcases will occasionally appear. If you don't catch these, the game immediately ends regardless of how many lives you have left. If the suitcase control option is enabled during a two player game, you are able to control the direction your opponents suitcases travel.

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