Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked - Nintendo Wii

Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked - Nintendo Wii

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 Once more, a young wealthy boy, Aidan, and a young girl and modest waitress, Lucy, find themselves on a deserted island (a seemingly deserted one, at least) after a wreck. While gathering resources to survive, day by day they will discover new areas of the island by exploring it and have to think over how to advance, that will be similar to read puzzles. Activities and actions necessary to survive, typical to the Lost in Blue franchise, such as making fires and fishing, can now for the first time in the series be performed by moving the Wii Remote in a way that imitates what the moves would be in reality. This time however, the protagonists have pet animals as companions in adventure to help them with their skills: for instance, they play music, dance, collect items that the human characters could not.

Like in previous instalments, there is an offer of mini-games (more than thirteen, this time); new is the possibility to play a selection of these cooperatively. The game is provided with more than one unique ending, and more than one single plot-line, in consequence of the character chosen as the main one.

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