Little Nightmares  - Playstation 4

Little Nightmares - Playstation 4

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Little Nightmares is a horror-themed platform game with puzzle elements. It is set in a humongous sea vessel called "The Maw", inhabited by strange, semi-human creatures. The player guides a small girl in a yellow raincoat, known as "Six", who seeks to escape the Maw. The game features varied, twisted scenery, from grimy industrial depths, to living areas with giant-sized furniture.

Many areas of the game feature platform challenges where Six must carefully jump across the architecture to get to the exit. Some parts of the game feature puzzle gameplay, with Six needing to properly use objects or interact with the environment in order to open her way or distract enemies.

Six can interact with the environment by pushing buttons, pulling levers and handles, pushing and pulling items (often to stand on), and picking up items to throw them or drop them elsewhere. Six is also equipped with a lighter to illuminate dark places.

At times, Six has close encounters with the hostile inhabitants of the Maw. In some sections Six must sneak around and avoid being seen, while in other sections she must escape from a chasing enemy.

The game world also contains various optional challenges. By exploring, Six can find lamps to light up, statuettes that can be broken, and small, skittering creatures known as "Nomes" which can be hugged. Finding all of these grants the player achievements.

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