LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - Game Boy Advance

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - Game Boy Advance

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Focused on the original trilogy of the Star Wars universe (A New HopeThe Empire Strikes Back and The Return of Jedi), the sequel to LEGO Star Wars brings some innovations over the first title, making it more similar to its PC and console counterpart than the previous game.

During the story mode, the player is joined on-screen by two other characters, and can change between them to use their specific skills to proceed. Characters share a life bar of four hearts, with the rate of depletion changing according to each character (a stormtrooper will lose three hearts when hit by a blaster, Vader will take two or three hits before losing one). If a support character is "dismantled" by attacks, there's no problem, but letting that happen to the controlled character means a loss of stud points (the game currency), as well as a drop on the "Super Kit" gauge, which replaces the Jedi rank evaluation of the previous titles.


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