LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Nintendo DS

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Nintendo DS

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The Nintendo DS version of 'LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures' allows players to fight their way through 18 levels based on the Indiana Jones film trilogy with LEGO characters modified from these films. The family-friendly approach from the other consoles is present in this version, cutting out the violence and religious aspects from the movies.

The Nintendo DS version plays similar to the other console versions but with a few differences: Female characters jump the same height as male characters, hieroglyphics to be solved by scholar characters are absent, mechanics that fix machines are also cut and buried treasure is now unearthed by characters with a spade. The 'phobias' aspect of each character is also cut from the Nintendo DS version, making its gameplay more easier. Occasionally, the player can also find weapons hidden throughout the levels used to defeat the enemies from either far-range (with rifles and pistols) and close-range (swords and umbrellas).

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