LEGO Batman: The Videogame - Nintendo DS

LEGO Batman: The Videogame - Nintendo DS

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LEGO Batman is based on the other games of the same name, with multiple changes made to accommodate the DS platform and take advantage of its unique features. It adds a new Villain Hunt minigame, several new character abilities and more unlockable characters.

Batman's enemies have teamed up and Batman and Robin must co-operate to stop them. The game starts in the Batcave, which serves as a hub. Batman & Robin have three chapters of five levels each. The story is told between levels using comic-book style still frames

You also can play as villains. You can unlock a secret path to Arkham Asylum, which serves as their hub. The villains have the same levels, but the story is different, as are the object and enemy placements.

In each level, you play as two characters and can tag between them at any time. You advance through the levels by defeating enemies, platforming and solving puzzles. Enemies and objects spill out LEGO studs when smashed, which you use to purchase unlockables, such as additional characters. There are dozens in total.

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