Legend Of The Dragon  - Nintendo Wii

Legend Of The Dragon - Nintendo Wii

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Legend of the Dragon is a 3D versus fighting game that plays like a 2D versus fighting game. The game is based on the animated series of the same name and resolves around a battle between good and evil. Woo Yin an evil Zodiac Master plans to steel the powers of the twelve guardians of the Chinese Zodiac temples in his goal to rule over China.

The game offers eighteen playable fighters from the series each with their own moves. In addition to the kick and punch moves each of the characters can transform into a more powerful Zodiac avatar mode. Single player modes include quest (this mode also has a power-up system), quick fight, survival, time attack and ranking. Multiplayer modes include versus battle, tag battle and team battle. The game can be played with up to four players (two simultaneous) and features destructible terrain while fighting an opponent.

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